Zero Covid Policy In China Results In Stress And Anxiety

Zero Covid policy

Zero Covid Policy In China

A misleading quote was published by the senior communist party official in state media and it was polished on Monday. This was claimed that in Beijing the zero COVID policy was claimed. It was an effort to domesticate an online backlash in the next five years.  Chinese censors rushed to delete this misleading quote.

For Chinese capital the official communist party newspaper was Beijing Daily. This newspaper reported that party chief of the city said that Beijing will implement measures to control the COVID-19 pandemic. This helps prevent the domestic cases from going outside and the imported cases from coming in.

Next Five Years Sparked A Huge Backlash

CAI is the close ally of the Chinese president. He reported that the next five years sparked a huge backlash on social media from Chinese. Beijing Daily in response removed the lines and stated them as the editing error and also left other remarks for the control of the pandemic.

Entire speech was reviewed by CNN and the Beijing Daily’s quote was misleading. CAI for keeping the zero Covid policy in the capital for next five years discusses the possibilities.

Zero Covid policy

PCR Test And Other Rules For Zero Covid Policy

The control measures for the pandemic includes PCR test and regular health checks in neighbors and strict entry rules. Also it was continuous monitoring and testing for people coming from Beijing and going to Beijing. CAI said that he has to rethink whether to stay in Beijing in the long term.

Hashtags were banned for the next five years from the web’s platform.

Xi in the meeting of Communist Party’s Politburo Standing Committee doubled the zero Covid policy. This was made the top decision of the country which ordered the officials and all sectors of the country to stick to the plans made by the leadership.

In an online Brookings institution the US ambassador to China said on June 16 that he expected that China would keep the zero Covid policy in place until the beginning of 2023. This was based on signals from the Chinese government.

Because of the strict policy for COVID the cities near china were also placed under the full or partial lockdown. This includes Beijing and Shanghai. This affects their economic market greatly and hurts the job market. This made the unemployment rate of people aged 16 to 24 go high up to 18.4%.

China Due To COVID Cases Shut Down The Cities

China over some COVID cases shit down the cities and the communities. All people who found Covid positive were sent to government quarantine.

But the signs show that for international arrivals China is relaxing its quarantine policies. 

On Tuesday for overseas arrivals to China it was announced by the National Health Commission that they would be subject to seven days of centralized quarantine followed by three days of health monitoring at home. This shortened from the 14 days of centralized quarantine and 7 days of home monitoring and it was done previously.

China on Sunday only reported 23 locally transmitted COVID-19 cases including from Beijing and Shanghai. They each reported for cases and this was according to the National Health Commission.

Zero Covid Policy In China Results In Stress And Anxiety

Two of the policies launched that result in stress in COVID policy and it causes extreme anxiety and stress.

  1. Unpredictable restrictions and lockdowns have led to mental health issues in very big numbers which exceed the global average.
  2. Collective psychological and other trauma issues of the country measure the control of the COVID pandemic.

Funding To Spread Zero Covid Policy In China

CNN has reported that the administration is redevising $10 billion in funding on testing. Protective equipment and research and development towards more immediate need. $5 billion divided by purchase for covid-19 dosses and $4.9 billion for 10 million Pfizer’s antiviral drug and $300 billion for antibody treatments allocated. It requested $22.5 billion in funding for paying money to pay for vaccines, testing and treatment. Negotiators were able to reach a $10 billion package but they left for Easter without passing the bill and congress remains in problem and disagreement on what to do.

COVID Vaccination Awareness

To spread awareness the admin has to shake hands with special supplemental nutrition for infants, children and for women. It has estimated around 6 million people in the USA who can attend the awareness program. That includes half of the infants with the start of programs through the administrations for families and children. At the health and human service department it includes about 1 million families. They all should have awareness about the Covid-19 vaccinations to improve health.

Zero Covid policy

Moderna And Pfizer To Enhance Zero Covid Policy

FDA advisors are to meet next week so that they could discuss the schedule of using Zero Covid policy Moderna and children of age 6 months to 5 years and Pfizer for 6 months to 4 years. US centers will make final decisions about the vaccines.

The estimations of the administration estates that 85% of children are under 5 years living five miles of vaccination site. Most parents who want their children vaccinated from Zero Covid policy primary care office.

Senior administration office has made it easy for parents to access locations. Pharmacies, schools and hospitals, community centers, clinics and organizations who serve the minorities in the country.

Jurisdictions in the country pre order the vaccine doses of Zero Covid policy for children under age of 5. FDA authorization has made 5 million doses available for pre order. Administration has made a request for 2.3 million vaccine doses which consists of 1.45 million Pfizer and 850k Moderna doses.

China Announce Vaccination For Kids Under 5

10 million doses of Zero Covid policy vaccination are available for different states, tribes, health centers, pharmacies and other territories to pre order them according to the Chine. To ship and distribute the vaccine across the country it is partnering with entities. It was followed by the next week meeting of the US food and drug administration. They will review the data on these vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer. It also expects authorization from the full FDA.

According to the fact sheet vaccination could start as early as the week of June 20. As more doses delivered and more appointments are available it gives Zero Covid policy. It reports that vaccine to youngest American could begin at June 21. This is all because the omicron has become the dominant Covid-19 variant with a really high spread in just a few months after its discovery

Challenges For CHINA

The Zero Covid policy response coordinator said that there are not enough resources to have enough vaccines. There are challenges for china so and fall and they need the money now. But the money used for kid’s vaccines was taken over by congress. In the official party speech they said that he thinks the members of the congress will understand the situation and help them in creating the Zero Covid policy. They are in so they have to make the point clear.

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