Elina Svitolina Ukrainian Tennis Player Help Her Country

Elina Svitolina

Elina Svitolina History

Elina Svitolina was a Ukraine tennis player. She said that to help her country and give hope to the war torn nation she had the plan.

Elina Svitolina is 27 years old and is in constant contact with her family. She focuses on raising funds for the country that has taken the break from tennis. She wants to raise awareness about her country’s plight.

Svitolina said that she has listened to the stories from her families and it was very tough. She said that she talks to her grandmother every day to know how she feels about the current situation. For aged people this is tough to handle. As they can’t compromise with their routines and it is very important for them. But because of the shootings and bombings in their hometown Odessa this greatly disturbed. It was very important for her to be in touch with her grandmother and to give her support. To keep up their spirits and success is a must.

Svitolina Was Burned At Odessa

Odessa the port city where Svitolina burned. It was a strategically important city. Since the invasion of Russian forces this city blockaded.

At the age of 12 Elina Svitolina moved to kharkiv. She felt so hopeless after watching the fights. The countries rocked for these fights.

She at the age of 16 moved from the Ukraine as she wanted to go ahead in sports. But she never forgot her country and had it in her heart. She sometimes recalls the moments from her childhood which are the reasons she had the unbreakable bond with Ukraine. She gets proud of her roots.

Svitolina Channeled The Love For Ukraine

She opened her own foundation and channeled the love for Ukraine with it. This helps and encourages children to learn lessons of life by tennis. United 24 the organization set up by the president of Ukraine Volodmyre Zelensky. The aim of the organization was to raise funds which would help in providing medical supplies, giving defense and also building and making infrastructure better.

Elina Svitolina

Elina Svitolina marked the ambassador. Zelensky, whom she spoke to, signed her the task to maintain awareness and to unite the sporting community.

Svitolina when talking to the president and her fellow ambassador on zoom call said that these were the times when she was most stressed. Even when entering the tennis court she was not that stressed.

Her Hard Work In Tennis Community

Even though these are early days, Svitolina in the tennis community has already planned events for later this year. She said that she had been given the coolest purpose by the foundation.

Just before the start of the invasion Svitolina found out that she was pregnant and was expecting the baby with the fellow tennis Player Gael monfils.

Invasion caused mental fatigue and this made Elina Svitolina to take a break from playing.  But she was willing to play and also tried it.

She said that the couple of months in the beginning were very hard for her but now she was feeling better. She also said that she was very sad for the situation happening and also for those who have lost their lives because of the invasion. This was very sad for her and that’s why she tried to focus on her foundation on united 24. As she wants to have a mission to help them in any way.

As she was not having any motivation to go back to tennis. But she had the goal that she would be representing her country in the 2024 Olympics that were to be held in Paris. She knows more than most that in times of hardships sports could be so much unifying.

People In The Ukraine Are Mentally Struggling

Elina Svitolina said that for people it is very important that they have to be given different types of information. She also said that she doesn’t understand exactly what is happening in Ukraine. As it was so hard for people to beat these hardships every single day. Those people in the Ukraine are mentally struggling.

The Ukraine war is stepping its offensive into the things committed by forces. Even earlier the meetings of the delegations from all 2 sides and the meeting has put a great effect on Ukraine’s and on Russia talk on fighting. And at the same time both the countries president Volodmyre zelensky and Vladimir Putin have dismissed the negotiations. But the side effects have really affected the efforts and power and made it diplomatic.

Elina Svitolina Services For Ukraine

Elina Svitolina a Ukrainian tennis player has been looking forward to a better and more defense system to help the Russian people.  Ukrainians forces have stated that they are constrained because of the civilian’s presence and areas from where Russia is firing. They don’t want to kill their own people while targeting Russians. In Kyiv Ukraine have managed to push the Russians back and limit the scope of artillery for them.

Ukraine has wished to join NATO in many large parts for collecting the defense pledge. According to Elina Svitolina the USA, Europe and the NATO allies dismayed to offer Ukraine’s membership because of its difficult obligations. Ukraine forces have begun the attempts so that they could retake some areas from Russia. They have said that this week there will be an operation that will be around Kyiv and between the northern cities of chernihiv.

This War Meant Peace For Ukraine

As the fight dragged on, Russia has gone towards the tactics by design and by hurting civilians. Russia has done a great war by destroying Ukraine cities, escaping routes and cutting off supplies while they are bombing the Ukrainians with the artillery. The purpose of this war is to defeat the defenders of Ukraine and ask them to fight. The Ukrainians defense people are working very well and they hear the very big bangs whenever a Russian missile is thrown many times on the ground. But now Ukraine has been focusing on more defense systems so they could help finish the Russian threats

According to the United Nation and Elina Svitolina, commissioners for solving refugee’s issues said that more than 3.8 million+ Ukrainians have fled from their country. This happens only within a month that is from 24 Feb till 27 march. The high population of Texas were forced to fly to the US. The war in Ukraine as Russia is stepping its offensive into the things committed by forces. In kharkiv and in Kyiv the force of Ukraine has pushed Russia into a very critical condition.

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